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Welcome to Heroic Mode! This guild was created by people who wanted to raid and progress in Cataclysm. We also created it with a desire to raid with people who aren't mouth-breathing retards or lootwhoring dramabombs.

Our raid times/days currently are to be announced. Heroic Mode is first and foremost, a raiding guild.  We like raiding.  However, we also like doing other things, so we try not to be to harsh about it.

While we are generally a mature bunch, from time to time degeneracy is hilarious.  While the gutter is a fine place for humor, it is expected that the tone remain jovial, and that the boundries and sensibilities of the membership be respected in general.  This is no place for minors, as they may be exposed to topics and language which is best left for adulthood.

Heroic Mode operates as a team, not a set of individuals who happen to show up at the same time.  Selfishness is a trait that has no place.  This is especially true in the realm of loot - we seek it to advance the group so we can take on harder challenges, not for personal gratification.

We aim to have a small set of raiders, in order to maximize the effectiveness of every drop and to minimize the number of members who ride the bench.  Attendance is very important to this - the higher the attendance is, the smaller we can keep the roster.  Leadership would appreciate fair warning on any upcoming extended absence, so that arrangements can be made so raids continue without interruption.

We expect you to be a positive member of the guild, and while most things are perfectly fine to be said in guild/on the forums, out right calling names or belittling people will not be tolerated. Attacking people in guild or on the forums also will not be tolerated.

If you have a problem with someone in the guild or with someone on the forums, PLEASE take it to an officer. We can not help you if we don’t know what is going on.

We all know that Winterhoof trade chat is full of special people and their friends. Please refrain from making any comments that could reflect badly upon our guild. Action will be taken depending on the comment(s) placed in trade/general/lfg or any other public channel in wow. Guild Chat is a completely different matter.

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